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May 31, 2021

Michael A. Nutter is a senior advisor in Dentons' Public Policy group and member of its Local Government Solutions team, composed of former local government elected and appointed officials who have played integral roles in city halls and county governments. This group works with local governments seeking solutions to complex challenges requiring an interdisciplinary approach.

A former mayor of Philadelphia, Michael's primary focus is now assisting local governments on achieving their economic development, financing and infrastructure goals, including advising on downtown and neighborhood revitalization, green cities initiatives, commercial adaptive reuse, tax credit financing, public-private partnerships, federal government advocacy, global trade missions and many other areas.

Michael brings to Dentons a strong government and public service background. After serving almost 15 years in the Philadelphia City Council, he became the 98th mayor of Pennsylvania's largest city in January 2008. At his inaugural address, Michael pledged to lower crime, improve educational attainment rates, make Philadelphia the greenest city in America, attract new businesses and residents to the city and, above all, to lead an ethical and transparent government focused on providing high-quality, efficient and effective customer service.

By the end of his tenure eight years later, homicides were down and high school graduations were up. The city added miles of bike lanes to its network of bicycle infrastructure. The city's population grew each year he was in office. The City Council passed his Actual Value Initiative, the city’s first-ever property assessment system overhaul, transforming a broken and corrupt system into a fair, accurate and understandable one. And thanks to Michael's strong financial stewardship, the city emerged from the worst economic recession since the Great Depression with its credit rating upgraded to the “A” category by the three major credit rating agencies—its best financial report card since the 1970s.

After leaving public service, Michael remained active in public policy, government and civic life. As founder and principal advisor of Michael A. Nutter Advisors LLC, he focused on policy development and thought leadership in the areas of education, governing and leadership, politics, public policy and public safety, advising clients on policymaking, media communications, strategy development, crisis management, government relations, political engagement and corporate governance.

At Dentons, Michael continues to leverage his experiences inside city hall as mayor and in his City Council seat. He has access to a broad national and international network of relationships developed over more than three decades, advising local governments on what works and what doesn't. He also provides strategic advice to private businesses and organizations, in the US and abroad, on how to develop or expand their relationships with US local governments.

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