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Hosted by Jim O'Brien, The Political Life introduces you to the personalities and "day in the life" experiences of some of the most interesting and dynamic individuals in the field. 

Mar 10, 2023

Jim welcomes Steve Palmer to the show to talk about presidential politics as well as Steve's work, from electric car infrastructure to telemedicine.Steven Palmer is a partner at Forbes Tate Partners, a federal and state government affairs firm with areas of specialty including health care, energy, natural resources, financial services, transportation, trade, tax, tech and telecommunications, appropriations, and agriculture.
With over two decades of international, multi-state, and federal government relations experience, Steven is adept at advocating for clients and their business initiatives while effectively navigating their public policy challenges and legislative concerns.
Steven helps lead FTP’s growing State & Local practice, which leverages the firm’s relationships in statehouses from coast to coast in all 50 states.
Before joining Forbes-Tate, Steven served as Managing Director and National Director of Grayling/Dutko Worldwide’s State and Local Government Affairs practice, where he led all lobbying efforts for clients across the country.
Over the course of his career, Palmer has served as a senior staff member in the United States Congress, managed state-wide campaigns, and has consistently worked for clients on some of the nation’s most pressing public policy matters since entering the private sector.Topics covered in this episode include:
  • Steve's passion for running and different races he will be participating in.
  • Places that Steve enjoys going to ski.
  • Republican governors and their qualifications to run for president
  • Who Steve believes could run for president on the democratic side if the president doesn't run for reelection.
  • What is going on at Steve's work regarding transportation and infrastructure
  • How Forbes Tate helps companies work with states on electric car infrastructure
  • Telemedicine
  • Everything that's happening at the firm
  • Where Steve will be skiing next
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