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Jan 13, 2020

Today's episode was recorded at CES, the world's largest consumer electronics trade show, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. While at CES, we had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Chase, Director of Global Government Affairs & Public Policy at Bell Flight. Bell had one of the best exhibits at CES, where it displayed Nexus, their new all-electric flying vehicle. Brian talked to us about Nexus, what he sees as the future of flying vehicles, and how his passion for space landed him at Bell.

Bell Flight is an innovative aerospace manufacturer producing 60% of today's helicopters, and working to create the next generation of flying vehicles. Bell has a long history of being on the cutting edge of aerospace technology - it was the first to break the sound barrier, the first to certify a commercial helicopter, and it was part of NASA's first lunar mission.

  • Brian attended The University of Texas as an engineering student, where he was able to spend time working at NASA as part of the university's co-op program.
  • After two years in the program, Brian made the switch to economics.
  • He made his move into politics by working for Congressman Dave Weldon of Florida, who represented Florida's space coast.
  • Brian held many positions during his time with Congressman Weldon. His duties included legislative aide, press secretary, and campaign manager.
  • After working on the hill for a few more years, Brian went to work for the Bush administration as NASA's Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs.
  • After a few years at NASA, Brian transitioned back to Texas and started working at Bell flight.

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